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Engaged in design, development and manufacturing of automotive control devices. A diverse range of high-end microcontroller based digital circuits and automotive sensors are exported globally, which meets all international quality standards.

Road Speed Limiter

Our road speed limiter helps in controlling the vehicle speed at a programmable set speed. It is available in single speed dc motor type, electronic pedal interface and single speed & dual speed fuel solenoid type. It has a micro-controller based design. This road speed limiter ensures full power to engine by reducing fuel flow to engine.

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GPS Tracking Module

The system detects harsh breaking device, speed, fuel pilferage, mileage, vehicle temperature & a host of other real time data essential for tracking your fleet of taxis and trucks. It also comes with remote immobilizer to remotely cut off supply to the fuel tank in case of theft. The device has options for voice calling facilities.

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Engine Temp. Controller

Engine Temperature Controller Temp-Eye 'TEMP-EYE' can quickly detect ALL causes of engine overheating, including coolant leaks, sticky engine thermostats, engine water pump leaks, coolant blockages, faulty radiator caps & even heat build-up from engine oil problems because it is so accurate.

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